Lloyds Bank has issued a scam warning to all football fans ahead of the new season starting.

The warning follows an increase in reported incidents last season.

Lloyds Bank said that, based on analysis of reported fraud cases among its own personal banking customers, the number of people being scammed when buying football tickets more than doubled (a 101% increase) last season compared with the season before, with victims losing £154 on average.

In its research, it looked at reports made by Lloyds Banking Group customers between August 2022 and May 2023, compared with the same period a year earlier.

Oxford Mail: Football fans should be aware of ticket scammers, Lloyds Bank warnsFootball fans should be aware of ticket scammers, Lloyds Bank warns (Image: Getty Images)

The data from Lloyds indicates that many scams originate on social media and people aged 18 to 24 are particularly likely to fall victim.

When tickets for big events are either scarce or in high demand, fraudsters seek to take advantage of desperate fans willing to pay much more.

They create fake posts on social media or online marketplaces to advertise tickets that don’t actually exist.

To convince the buyer they are genuine, fraudsters will often include pictures of real tickets within their social media posts.

The victim is often tricked into sending money via bank transfer.

Once the payment has been sent, the fraudster simply disappears and the victim receives nothing.

Lloyds has warned that fans of some of the biggest clubs in England where demand for tickets is particularly strong, are particularly likely to be targeted.

Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea fans fell victim most often last season, the bank’s data indicated.

Liz Ziegler, fraud prevention director, Lloyds Bank, said people should look to buy directly from football clubs or their official ticket partners.