With movie lovers flocking to the cinemas today for the release of the new Barbie film and Oppenheimer, an Oxford researcher has provided advice on which one to watch first.

The long-awaited Barbie movie starring Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling, comes out in cinemas today and it will be competing with the release of Oppenheimer, in which Peaky Blinder’s star Cillian Murphy features in.

With many film fans weighing up which movie to watch first, an Oxford researcher has provided their advice on how to manage ‘Barbenheimer’ day.

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Sander Wagner, 40, a researcher from Oxford University, said that Barbie would be the ideal “dessert” after watching the more intense Oppenheimer.

He said: Oppenheimer’s probably the more heavy movie that, from everything I’ve heard, takes a bit of digesting.

“I think Barbie is a fun movie to watch after a drink and it works much more like a palate cleanser or dessert.”

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Mr Wagner said he would watch Oppenheimer with his girlfriend and friends in Oxford.

After the movie has finished, Mr Wagner said: “After that, we’ll have probably one or two drinks and dinner at a bar and then we’ll head back to the movie theatre and watch the 9pm Barbie performance,” he said.

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The Barbie movie is a comedy which has been directed by Greta Gerwig and focuses on the famous doll, while Oppenheimer is a biological thriller which is based on the physicist J Robert Oppenheimer and his role in developing the first atomic bomb.

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