Residents were ‘shocked’ and ‘distressed’ after four seemingly healthy trees were cut down by the city council.

Oxford City Council contractors carried out the work between Three Fields Road and Leiden Road in Headington.

Householders have said there was no prior warning given before the trees were felled on Monday (July 17).

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One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I suppose they [the council] can do what they like but they looked like perfectly healthy trees.”

The city council has justified the felling on the basis that the trees were damaging infrastructure in the area.  

Oxford Mail:

Councillor Nigel Chapman, cabinet member for citizen focused services and council companies on Oxford City Council, said: "The trees are owned by the city council.

“It was necessary to carry out the work on them as, unfortunately, they were damaging infrastructure in the area.  

“Four trees had to be removed.

"Due to the high clay content of the soil and the restricted planting space due to the proximity of the building, one tree with a low water demand will be planted on the site as a replacement and three more trees will be planted in the locality.

Oxford Mail:

“Most trees in our city live and grow without any problems but some pose risks that need to be managed.

“Our overall aim is to ensure that Oxford’s stock of trees is retained, enhanced and increased whilst ensuring the health, safety and well-being of the public and property.”