Filming for a new instalment of the Star Wars franchise is reportedly going ahead in a South Oxfordshire field.

Production is taking place in Cuxham, near Watlington, with several large tents and marquees appearing in a field on the edge of the village.

Large vans and lorries have been entering the site for the last month with stewards dressed in Hi Vis jackets patrolling the entrance.

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Oxford Mail: Production is taking place in a field on the outskirts of Cuxham, near Watlington

Reports on social media suggest filming is taking place for a new Star Wars movie or television series.

One woman said she knew it was ‘defo Star Wars’ because her ‘hubby and son both work on films so I know it for sure.’

Oxford Mail: The Mandalorian Experience

Alison Franklin agreed, and added that ‘the farmer was required to grow a particular crop for the scenes’

It was suggested the filming could be for either The Mandalorian or Andor, which are spin-off tv shows based in the Star Wars universe.