I was not surprised to learn from Penny Little's letter that Shami Chakrabarti is supporting the Countryside Alliance, Human rights that go too far (Oxford Mail, June 20).

In an attempt to placate minorities, the sensitivities of the majority in respect of animal welfare are being ignored.

Thus, religious minorities are allowed to ignore the law on pre-stunning animals in abattoirs and, in future, we can expect countless other forms of animal abuse to be permitted in the name of 'culture'.

If David Cameron (who has ridden with three local hunts) gains power at the next election, he will reverse the hunting ban as a priority, since this is the only 'green issue' in which he genuinely believes.

The Tories and their supporters in the media are silent on this issue because they know that it loses votes.

However, we can expect an explosion of the usual sickening pro-hunt propaganda if they ever become the next Government.

If hunting is reinstated, the floodgates will be opened to every other conceivable form of cultural cruelty, and animal welfare will become non-existent.

No true animal lover would ever contemplate voting for Mr Cameron.

STAN FRANCIS Kingston Road Oxford