Plans to build a multi-storey block of flats in Oxford have been rejected by the council on the basis it would be ‘harmful to the public realm.’

The proposal involved the demolition of the existing building and the erection of three, four-bedroom properties at 197 Headley Way in New Marston.

The overall building would have been two-and-a-half storeys tall.

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David Butler, head of planning services at Oxford City Council, said in his refusal letter: “In the absence of street scene elevations which prove otherwise, due to the overall height, depth and siting of the proposal, it would be considered to read as a bulky and overly large form of development within the street scene of Headley Way.

“Due to the presence of single storey scale dwellings immediately to the south east of the site, it is considered that this scale and siting of development would be prominent in the street scene and harmful to visual amenity.

Oxford Mail: An artist's impression of the block of flats on Headley Way

“Furthermore, the design and appearance of the proposed front elevation of the building, due to the detailed proportions of the fenestration, the lack of chimney and the materials proposed, would be considered not to appropriately respond to the context of the site nor result in a high-quality design.

“Overall it is considered that the proposal would be harmful to the public realm of Headley Way.”

The decision on the planning application by the council was issued yesterday (June 3).

The plans were submitted to Oxford City Council by Mr and Mrs Sarwar on March 14 this year.