The council has urged people to re-think their drinking habits this week.

Alcohol Awareness week aims to encourage people to think about the impact of excessive alcohol consumption and runs between today, July 3, and Sunday, July 9.

Michael O’ Connor, county councillor and cabinet member for public health and inequalities, has warned drinking excessively can cause health problems, financial issues and relationship breakdowns.

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He has called for greater reflection on alcohol consumption and for those who struggle with drinking moderately to seek help.

Mr O’Connor said: “Many of us drink alcohol to socialise.

“People sometimes also turn to alcohol to relax, relieve boredom, feelings of loneliness or to help cope with problems.

“The cost of living crisis has increased the stress and worry in families which can lead people to drink alcohol as an escape.

“There are cost implications for businesses too in lost working days and for the NHS, which has to treat the long-term health problems caused by excessive alcohol consumption.”

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Those in need of help to fight their alcohol addiction are advised to turn to Turning Point, which is a service commissioned by the council.

The service has addiction hubs across the county and provides a variety of confidential treatment.

Turning Point offers advice about alcohol and drug use and can be contacted on 0300 0134 776.

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