A lower speed limit of 20mph should be introduced for a “dangerous” road in Banbury, a Labour councillor has said.

It has been reported that motorists regularly speed down Warwick Road and this has led to residents complaining to councillor Mark Cherry.

The county council has already conducted a consultation on introducing a new 20mph limit in the Grimsby area of Banbury in response to residents’ complaints about “excessive and hazardous vehicle speeds within the area”.

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Mark Cherry told the Oxford Mail: “People are speeding and a lower speed limit would really help.

“I have talked to a number of residents who have had their cars damaged or written off.”

Mr Cherry said the road was “dangerous” but explained that the fact it was very narrow did not help.

On March 21, Mr Cherry raised the issue in a council meeting and said residents were reporting “road collisions with parked cars”.

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Cabinet member for highway management, Andrew Gant, responded to Mr Cherry’s question and said he had instructed officers to “review the possibility of introducing traffic calming measures or adjustment to the parking arrangements”.

Mr Gant told the meeting: “If deemed to be feasible, funding would need to be identified to enable such proposals to be designed and taken into consultation.”

At the start of this month, it was announced the A422 at Wroxton, the A44 in Chipping Norton and Enstone, the A361 through South Newington and the A4260 through Bodicote, Adderbury and Deddington will all have the lower limit of 20mph after local support.

This will be a reduction from the current speed limits of 30mph and the new measures are all due to go live before March next year.

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These new limits will be legally enforceable, but the county council has confirmed it will not benefit financially from speeding fines under the new limits.

Oxford Mail: 20mph limits are being introduced on more roads20mph limits are being introduced on more roads

However, one of Oxfordshire’s top cops told the Oxford Mail that speed cameras were “not sensitive enough” to clock drivers flouting 20mph limits in places such as Witney.

Some villages in the Banbury area such as Fritwell, Finmere and Somerton have already reduced their default speed limits from 30mph to 20mph.

In late April, Mr Gant also approved new 20mph limits for Abingdon, Cumnor, Faringdon, Forest Hill, Shrivenham, Steventon and Woodcote.

The county council has highlighted the introduction of 20mph zones in 2021/2022 pilot areas has already reduced speed by up to four mph.

The council said the lower limits “really benefitted the local communities and it will help to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents”.