Plans for a new bus lane in Oxford have been approved by the council.

The westbound bus lane is planned for part of Headington Road and St Clements near South Park to the east of the city centre.

The existing cycle lane will be removed to make space for it, along with sections of the eastbound cycle lane and on-street parking.

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The proposals were approved at an Oxfordshire County Council meeting yesterday (June 22).

It comes as councillors also said yes to replacing LTN bollards in Cowley with ANPR cameras.

Fines will be enforced on Littlehay Road, Crescent Road and Littlemore Road if motorists without an exemption travel through.

But under the new plans taxis, alongside emergency vehicles will be allowed to pass.

LTNs in Cowley were made permanent in Cowley in July last year but the county council decided to review the scheme and launch a public consultation on ANPR cameras instead.

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The consultation, which ran between March 6 and April 17 this year, found that 58 per cent of respondents rejected the proposals for Crescent Road.

The proposals for Littlehay Road and Littlemore Road were rejected by 57.5 per cent and 58 per cent respectively.


The council meeting yesterday (June 22) also saw the approval of new 20mph limits in several locations across Oxfordshire.

The default limit is set to be changed from 30mph to 20mph in Wootton, Adderbury, Bodicote, Great/Little Bourton, Chipping Norton, Deddington, Epwell, Hanwell, Milcombe, Milton and Mollington.