Abingdon has continued an ancient tradition by voting in a 'Mock Mayor'.

The Mayor of Ock Street will be Roger Cox this year after he won by 19 votes.

The annual tradition, held on Saturday, June 17, saw the town's street elect one of Britain's last remaining mock mayors, during a day of dancing, frivolities and drinking.

The all-day event saw dancing from the Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers and visits to a host of local pubs, before the counting took place near to the Brewery Tap.

Mr Cox will take over the position after receiving 89 votes with the current mayor Harry Knight receiving 70 votes.

The new mayor was carried shoulder high on a litter of flowers to before the day's final dance took place.

The road used to be where the poorer townsfolk lived and the mayor was their spokesman, who tried to hold the real Mayor to account, according to local historians.

Strict rules still dictate that voters have to live near Ock Street to take part in the election.