A well-known community activist from Oxford has delivered a petition to Downing Street which calls for a no confidence vote in the county council.

Community champion Amir Steve Ali walked down Downing Street today to deliver a petition which calls for a no confidence vote in Oxfordshire County Council due to its role in pushing ahead with low traffic neighbourhoods, the zero emissions zone and traffic filters.

Mr Ali’s previous work for the community in Oxford has included hanging up Father’s Day banners across the city and paying to install a flag in East Oxford which celebrates racial unity.

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Oxford Mail: Amir Steve Ali at Downing Street to deliver his petitionAmir Steve Ali at Downing Street to deliver his petition (Image: Amir Steve Ali)

The petition on Change.org had been signed by more than 3,600 people on June 19 and it claims that the council’s traffic measures have caused more pollution and have led to emergency vehicles becoming stuck behind gridlocked traffic.

The father of three, who works at the Rice Box restaurant on Cowley Road, said he felt he had to act and organise a petition after his calls for LTNs to be reviewed fell on deaf ears.

He said: “I set up the petition because members of the public are suffering in East Oxford.

“Businesses are being ignored and I want everyone in Oxford to know that I’m not going to stop until our collective suffering is addressed.”

Oxford Mail: Amir Steve Ali holding up the petitionAmir Steve Ali holding up the petition (Image: Amir Steve Ali)

Mr Ali said he took the Oxford Tube from Gloucester Green to Victoria Station and he then walked to Downing Street.

Speaking about his experience of handing over the petition, Mr Ali said: “The Downing Street police officers were very friendly, and they were very happy to take my photo.

“I was able to knock on the No10 door and a gentleman from inside opened up and took my petition.”

The petition describes the council’s traffic measures as a “big threat to members of public freedom and businesses”.

Oxford Mail: Amir Steve Ali hands petition overAmir Steve Ali hands petition over (Image: Amir Steve Ali)

Mr Ali has previously run as an independent candidate in Oxford City Council’s elections in May 2022 but was unsuccessful.

The activist has also been extremely critical of Oxford East MP Anneliese Dodds in the past and called on her to resign for “being absent from local life”.

Ms Dodds has previously responded to Mr Ali’s criticisms by promising to “continue to work to reflect residents’ views’ on LTNs but she has insisted that she “cannot dictate to councils”.

Mr Ali said his message to people in Oxford was “not to lose hope” and he would wait to see what happened.

An Oxfordshire County Council spokesman said: “We are aware of the petition on Change.org.

"This is something for central government review subject to it meeting parliamentary petitions criteria.”