Boris Johnson is a “problem solver” and “very generous with time” but should take a break before returning as Henley’s MP, town councillors have said.

A cross party investigation found the former prime minister committed “repeated contempts” of parliament with his partygate denials and recommended he was suspended for 90 days.

The report’s release comes after Mr Johnson dramatically resigned as MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip last Friday, June 9, and used his resignation to question the “impartiality of our systems” and hit out at the “kangaroo court”.

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Mr Johnson previously served as Henley’s MP between 2001 and 2008 and his resignation has only fuelled speculation that he may choose to take a shot at becoming the Conservative Party’s candidate for the safe seat at the next general election.

Oxford Mail: Former prime minister Boris Johnson is fighting for his political future (Victoria Jones/PA)

Ken Artlett, Henley town councillor, previously worked with Mr Johnson and he praised the former prime minister for his good qualities.

He said: “When he served as our MP, if you wanted a problem solved or information, he would always tend to help you out.

“He was always very generous with his time and a really good local MP.”

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However, Mr Artlett said Mr Johnson had “clearly lost his way” and said it was an inappropriate time for him to consider standing as an MP anytime soon.

He said: “It would be the wrong time for Boris to return.

“He needs to go away for two to three years and review what his future looks like.

“Standing at the next general election would be too soon.”

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Mr Artlett said people “may forgive him” in a few years time but the Conservative Party’s support in the area was not generally good.


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Mr Johnson recently purchased a mansion in Brightwell-cum-Sotwell near Wallingford.

If the former prime minister had chosen to not resign, then a by election would have been very likely.

On Monday, June 19, the Privilege Committee’s findings will be debated, which happens to coincide with Mr Johnson’s 59th birthday.

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Deputy mayor of Henley, Kellie Hinton, said the prospect of Mr Johnson returning as the constituency’s MP was horrific.

She said: “Boris has a fantastic reputation in the area and I recognise the hard work he did for Henley.

“But if we are going to choose someone new it must be someone local.”

Ms Hinton admitted Mr Johnson did have a “huge following” in Henley so she doubted the Privilege Committee’s report would drastically “change people’s minds”.

However, Ms Hinton suggested the tide could be turning in Oxfordshire, with more people choosing to turn away from the Conservative Party.

She said: “Sometimes it doesn’t matter what certain politicians do as they will always have their loyal following.

“But people do seem to be waking up from that and voting for what they want.”

Ian Reissmann, Henley town councillor, said the report’s conclusions was the 'final nail in the coffin' for Mr Johnson and meant his “credibility and political career” were over.

He said: “My view is that he would be better off not trying to stand again for Henley as he has proven that all political careers end in failure.

“Many people are clearly of the view that this comes as no surprise given all the qualities he has been lacking.”

Mr Reissmann said he was worried that Mr Johnson’s antics meant “our institutions were at peril”.

He said: “I’m worried that we are damaging institutions which are important to us.”

Mr Johnson's office has been approached for comment.