The recent Partygate report published by the Privileges Committee has characterised Number 10 as an "oasis of normality" during the peak of the lockdown.

It found that social drinks and parties continued as normal while strict measures were in place to control Covid-19.

The damning report into the former Prime Minister found that Boris Johnson deliberately lied to the House of Commons over lockdown gatherings widely known as 'Partygate'.

One witness told the committee that social gatherings, leaving dos and birthday parties “continued as normal” with staff being told to watch out for CCTV cameras.

Oxford Mail: (James Manning/PA Wire) Boris Johnson was said to have deliberately misled the House over Partygate(James Manning/PA Wire) Boris Johnson was said to have deliberately misled the House over Partygate (Image: James Manning/PA Wire)

They felt that it was clear that rules were not being followed while the rest of the country grappled with the pandemic.

It was claimed that "Wine Time Fridays" continued in the press office even after strict measures were introduced.

Partgate report says No 10 continued to have 'Wine Time Fridays' and was slow to enforce rules in building

The Partygate report said: "No10, despite setting the rules to the country, was slow to enforce any rules in the building.

“The press office Wine Time Fridays continued throughout, social distancing was not enforced ...This was all part of a wider culture of not adhering to any rules. No 10 was like an island oasis of normality."

Whistleblowing added that notes were passed around urging staff to be weary of the security cameras in the building, saying: "Operational notes were sent out from the security team to be mindful of the cameras outside the door, not to go out in groups and to social distance, it was all a pantomime.”

Oxford Mail: (PA) Boris Johnson slammed the Partygate report as a 'political assassination'(PA) Boris Johnson slammed the Partygate report as a 'political assassination' (Image: PA)

While the report was released today (Thursday, June 15), it was shown to Boris Johnson himself before being made public.

Upon reading the findings of the report, the Conservative politician resigned as MP for Uxbridge and Ruislip.

He claimed that the report was being pursued to "drive me out" of Parliament.

The Committee found five grounds on which Boris Johnson misled the Commons including claims that Covid-19 rules were followed at all times.

He was said to have made "repeated contempt" of Parliament by deliberately misleading the chamber with his denials.

He was then accused of trying to "re-write the meaning of the rules and guidance to fit his own evidence” and of “deliberately closing his mind” to facts around the rule breaches.

Boris Johnson slams Partygate findings as 'deranged' and he calls report 'political assassination'

Boris Johnson hit out at the report and its findings, calling them "deranged" before saying it was "intended to be the final knife-thrust in a protracted political assassination."

He then accused the Privileges Committee of making "mystic meg" claims and said chairwoman Harriet Harman held "prejudicial views".

The ex-Conservative leader added that the committee was "beneath contempt" and attacked the report's findings around a Christmas cheese and wine gathering in December 2020.