Five cats which are being looked after by a charity in Cherwell are in need of a new home.

The Cherwell Cats Protection branch was founded in 2006 and the charity works to improve the lives of cats in the area and to eventually find them a new home.

Recently, the Oxford Mail was successful in helping re-home Leo and Penelope, who were lucky to find a new loving owner in Oxford.

This week, the charity has provided a list of cats who are also looking for a new home.


Age: Five years old

Oxford Mail: Ninja Ninja (Image: Cherwell Cats Protection)

Ninja is looking for a quiet home and an experienced cat owner. Before coming into the protection team’s care, Ninja was living as an unneutered stray for a long time.

Ninja is now neutered, and he loves to be stroked when he is in the mood and feeling safe.

Oxford Mail: NinjaNinja (Image: Cherwell Cats Protection)

He is a big foodie and dreamies are his favourite thing.

Ninja ideally needs an adult only household but could live with another cat or dog.

Ninja has been at the centre for 67 days.

Jamie and Charlie

Oxford Mail: The brothers are looking for a new home togetherThe brothers are looking for a new home together (Image: Cherwell Cats Protection)

Ages: Both five years old These brothers are looking for a new home.

Jamie is the more charismatic brother and he will come straight up to greet you. He loves a good neck scratch and purrs a lot.

Charlie is more reserved at first but he loves a fuss when you get to know him better.

Both brothers are on the larger side so their food is being reduced and staff are trying to make sure they get out more.

Oxford Mail: The brothers have different personalitiesThe brothers have different personalities (Image: Cherwell Cats Protection)

They can only live with older children and cannot live with other cats or dogs.

The brothers have been under the protection team’s care for a month.


Age: 13 years old

Oxford Mail: Bobby Bobby (Image: Cherwell Cats Protection)

Bobby is a very affectionate cat and she has a very sweet meow according to staff.

Bobby loves attention and will happily go over to strangers and greet them.

Despite being 13 years old, Bobby is in perfect health but cannot live with other cats.

She also has four legs, despite the photo suggesting otherwise.

Bobby has been at the centre for 60 days so far.


Oxford Mail: BuddyBuddy (Image: Cherwell Cats Protection)

Age: 11 years old

Buddy has serious face, but this does not reflect his personality. Staff have said he loves curling up on a lap and is a massive foodie.

Every other day, Buddy has half a tablet in his food and the cost of these will happily be covered by Cherwell Cats Protection.

He would be happy to live with another cat or a calm dog and is fine in the company of children.

Oxford Mail: BuddyBuddy (Image: Cherwell Cats Protection)

He is on steroid tablets for his puffy pads which are under control.

Buddy is desperately looking for a new home as he has been at the centre for 137 days.