A protester who glued themselves to the floor of the Oxford Union debating chamber during a talk by feminist Kathleen Stock said trans rights 'should not be up to debate'.

Riz Possnett, a well-known trans rights activist who has previously appeared on Piers Morgan’s Talk TV show Uncensored, was removed by police after their protest at yesterday's talk (May 30).

In a social media post, they said: “Trans lives and rights should not be up for ‘debate’, but the Union did not even provide that.

"My goal was to show the other side, to ensure everyone who listened to Stock’s talk also considered the dangerous consequences of those views for trans people, particularly trans youth.

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“Kathleen Stock is not welcome here. Terfs are not welcome here. We will resist hatred, and we will fight for trans rights. Trans people, including trans youth, deserve to live in peace, safe from bigotry and harassment, with access to life-saving gender-affirming healthcare.

“We grieve for our trans siblings who have lost their lives on waiting lists, we grieve for those who have been murdered, and we grieve for those who died without ever having the freedom to live as their true selves. No more."

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Taking questions from the audience after police removed the protester, Kathleen Stock said: “I didn’t mind that protest. It wasn’t traumatic for me.

“But generally what I find more worrying is when institutions have listened to the protesters (…) and then basically become propaganda machines for a particular point of view.”