An Abingdon farm has opened Oxfordshire’s first-ever pop-up straw playground for just eight days over the May half-term.

Made up of more than 200 large straw bales, the ‘Big Bale Play’ is perfect outdoor fun for children aged up to 14.

Sisters Emily, Katy, Lucy and Jess who run High Lodge Farm in Culham, came up with the idea after seeing how popular simple straw bales were with young children at their previous events.

Farmer Lucy Outen-Allen, 36, who planned and built the playground, said: "We're really excited about it. It's lovely to create a natural play area.

“We love seeing families leaving with exhausted children and straw in their hair after a long day playing outside. It's what enjoying the countryside is all about. 

“These bales won't go to waste, we'll use them to bed up our animals in the winter."

Mother-of-two Emily Allen, 38, from Blewbury, Didcot, said: "We usually have a few straw bales at our events and they're so popular with children.

“Kids no matter what age seem to have so much fun jumping off them, running between them and climbing up them, so we thought why not build a giant playground full of them.”

The Big Bale Playground will be open until Saturday, June 3 between 10am to 4pm.

Tickets are £5 per child, in advance, or £6 at the gate. Adults must also purchase tickets.