An Oxfordshire farm is planning on installing solar panels to power its site.

Plans were previously approved last year to put 24 solar panels at Glebe Farm in Sibford Gower.

However, after consultation with installers, a revised planning application has been submitted to reduce the number of solar panels to 20.

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The purpose of the installation is to provide power to Glebe Farm and its barn, both owned by the applicants.

According to the plans, the solar panels will be installed on pastureland within the farm and be protected from animals by an electric fence.

Both Glebe Farm and its Barn are grade 2 listed, and the installation is within the Sibford Gower Conservation area.

The solar panels with be installed along the line of an existing hedge to “completely obscure” the view from neighbouring properties.

A planning statement says the installation will “only be visible from the air”.