The Oxford Russian Club has invited the Russian Ambassador to the UK to speak at a question and answer event this week in the city.

Andrey Kelin, the Russian Ambassador, is coming to Oxford this Thursday, May 11, to take part in a question and answer session.

The club was first founded in 1909 by Prince Felix Youssoupoff when he was a student at University College and members include Oxford University students.

The club website states that one of their aims is to “promote Russian current affairs at the University of Oxford”.

The ambassador has previously accused British “specialists” of being involved in an attack on Russia’s Black Sea fleet and has criticised Britain for being “too deep” in the conflict.

When interviewed by the BBC last November, Mr Kelin refused to accept Russian forces were guilty of war crimes and instead argued that Ukrainians were guilty of such crimes.

When shown CCTV footage of Moscow’s soldiers committing alleged war crimes, Mr Kelin has previously argued that such allegations were a “fabrication”.

Mr Kelin has also described the Bucha massacre, where hundreds of people were found dead, as "fake and "staged by Ukrainian special forces".

When taking part in an interview with Al Jazeera, Mr Kelin denied Russia bombed a theatre in Mariupol which civilians were using as a shelter while the city was under siege.

The University of Oxford has distanced itself from the club and has highlighted that it is not one of their “registered student societies”.

An Oxford University spokesman said their position on the Ukrainian War was “clear”.

He said: “The invitation to Mr Andrey Kelin has been given by the Oxford Russian Club and not by Oxford University or any of its registered student societies.

“The University’s position on the Ukrainian war is clear.

"Last April the University’s congregation passed a resolution condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Alongside hosting Ukrainian families in our Oxford homes, we have also welcomed Ukrainian graduate students on scholarships over the last year and will do so again this year.”

Denys Karlovskyi, vice president of the Oxford University Ukrainian Society said that hosting events of "this kind might affect the reputation of the Oxford city community that welcomed hundreds of Ukrainians displaced as a result of the unlawful Russian invasion of Ukraine".

Mr Karlovsky warned that Russia could use the event as a "publicity stunt" to "show that Russian diplomats with dubitable agenda are warmly welcomed by the world’s leading institutions".

He highlighted that Mr Kelin has already been banned from Parliament's estate in Westminster.

The event takes place at 5.30pm on Thursday and the location will be disclosed to confirmed attendees only.

In order to attend the event, you are required to fill in a Google Form and you are also required to specify whether you are affiliated with any organisation.

It is not known whether there is a vetting system in place.

Those attending will be required to show “photo ID” to enter for “security reasons” and entry is free for members of the club.

Tickets cost £15 for non-members.

The Oxford Russian Club has been approached for comment.