A pet charity has given out advice to dog owners on how to keep their pets safe during the Coronation weekend celebrations.

With many people choosing to celebrate King Charles III’s coronation with street parties and mass gatherings, the Blue Cross has issued some advice on how to make sure your dog also enjoys the weekend’s festivities.

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What to do if your dog doesn’t want to join the street party

Dogs may find street parties overwhelming and stressful so you may want to consider leaving them at home.

If you choose to do so then you should think about the following:

1) Where is your dog going to be left?

2) How long will you leave them?

3) Make sure they are in a quiet area which makes them feel safe and secure.

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Don’t be tempted to give your pets tasty foods from the BBQ.

Many human foods are best avoided by pets and alcohol should definitely not be given out.

It would be advisable to tell guests to not leave skewers or hot cooking within your pet’s reach.

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Breaking glasses can easily happen during the heat of a party.

Any breakages should be cleared up quickly and using plastic glasses may be a good idea.


Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with your contact details on it.

This way, if they choose to run off while you are in a crowd, then they are far more likely to be returned home.


Fireworks can be incredibly stressful for pets.

It is advised that you don’t take your dog to an event if you know fireworks are going to be set off.

At home, turning on the TV or the radio can help the dog while the fireworks are going off.


If your dog swallows a decoration by mistake, this can lead to injuries and blockages.

Decorations should be hung in high places out of reach and owners must keep an eye on them during the day.