Oxfordshire's Henley Parliamentary constituency has a history of MPs with blond locks.

Who can forget Michael Heseltine's flowing hair or Boris Johnson's floppy haystack?

Now Miss Great Britain finalist Amanda Harrington, from Liverpool, is putting her mane forward in the June 26 by-election.

She and fellow model Louise Cole are standing for the Miss Great Britain Party.

Miss Cole, 30, from Chichester, in Sussex, said the party's manifesto was to "empower women and make Britain in general and Westminster in particular more glamorous places".

Miss Harrington, 26, a single mother from Aintree, said: "I'm not a politician and I will be the first to admit that it's not my specialist subject, but I pride myself on being savvy and I could be hugely influential, especially with men.

"Henley is noted for its MPs being blond - it could be time for a blonde."

Their decision to stand was greeted with mild amusement by the other candidates and voters.

Alan Sendorek, a spokesman for Tory candidate John Howell, said: "We just take it as a bit of fun.

"By-elections always throw up odd candidates - look at the Banana Man and Harry Bear, who are also contesting this seat."

Liberal Democrat Stephen Kearney said: "It's almost a tradition in British by-elections for eccentric characters to come forward. It all adds to the fun."

Labour candidate Richard McKenzie said: "I'm proud that our British democracy means that anyone can put themselves forward to stand for Parliament.

"Sadly, if we look at countries like Zimbabwe, we can see all too well what a precious thing democracy is and how much we should cherish our free and fair elections."

Voter Don Reynolds, 43, from Chinnor Road, Thame, said: "They're very attractive girls - a lot better looking than the other candidates. But it's all just a bit of fluff, a publicity stunt.

"Good luck to them."

The full list of candidates is: Chris Adams (UKIP); John Allpass (English Democrat); Banana Man (Official Monster Raving Loony Party); Harry Bear (Fur Play Party); Louise Ann Cole (Miss Great Britain Party); Amanda Harrington (Miss Great Britain Party); John Michael Howell (Conservative); Stephen Andrew Kearney (Liberal Democrat); Richard Mark McKenzie (Labour); Timothy Sylvester Rait (British National Party); Richard Rogers (Common Good); Mark Christopher Stevenson (Green Party).