Five cats at the Cherwell branch of Cats Protection are looking for a new home.

The Cherwell Cats Protection branch was founded in 2006 and it is a run by a small team who are dedicated to improving the lives of cats and kittens in the Cherwell area.

This week, Cherwell Cats Protection has given the Oxford Mail the lowdown of cats who are looking for new owners in Oxfordshire.

The Cherwell Cats Protection coordinator has told us more about these five cats.


Oxford Mail: PenelopePenelope (Image: Cherwell Cats Protection)

Age: Around 9/10 years old

Penelope likes to be stroked and fussed. She likes following people around and to play with her catnip mice.

Penelope would like to find a new home with her adoptive brother Leo.

Oxford Mail: Penelope climbingPenelope climbing (Image: Cherwell Cats Protection)

Penelope and Leo could live in a quieter home or a family home. Both cats cannot live with other cats and dogs but they can live with older children.


Oxford Mail: LeoLeo (Image: Cherwell Cats Protection)

Age: Around 9/10 years old

Leo will tap your arm to remind you to stroke him. He has been in Cats Protection’s care for over 100 days.

Oxford Mail: Leo looking aroundLeo looking around (Image: Cherwell Cats Protection)

When Leo is waiting for you to follow him, he will meow. Leo would like to live with his sister Penelope in a quiet or family home.


Oxford Mail: MauriceMaurice (Image: Cherwell Cats Protection)

Age: Seven years old

Maurice is confident, friendly and loves to lie around in the sun. He cannot live with other cats so needs to be the only cat in the household.

Maurice will also require his new owners to add lactulose to his meals to keep his bowel working correctly but Cherwell Cats Protection can provide you with this.

Oxford Mail: Maurice lying downMaurice lying down (Image: Cherwell Cats Protection)

So far, Maurice has been in care for 55 days and cannot live with dogs either.


Oxford Mail: TrevorTrevor (Image: Cherwell Cats Protection)

Age: Not known

Trevor is not a demanding cat and only wants fuss and plenty of food. In the pictures, Trevor may look miserable but that is only because he is currently lonely in his pen by himself.

He is looking for a loving family and he spent many years as an unneutered cat so has the odd scratch and scar. But this just adds to his character.

Oxford Mail: TrevorTrevor (Image: Cherwell Cats Protection)

Trevor is a loving cat and has been in care for 40 days.

He cannot live with other cats or dogs.


Oxford Mail: BuddyBuddy (Image: Cherwell Cats Protection)

Age: 11 years old

Buddy has a very serious face but loves to mess around. He will take as much fuss as he can get and likes a lap to curl up on. He is very small but loves his food.

Every day, Buddy has half a tablet in his food but Cherwell Cats Protection is happy to cover the costs of these.

Oxford Mail: Buddy in bedBuddy in bed (Image: Cherwell Cats Protection)

He is currently on steroid tablets for a condition called pododermatitis but this is under control.

Buddy could live with another cat or a calm dog, and is fine with children.