There are growing calls “to act fast” to sort out the “intolerable congestion” which has been caused by emergency gas works in the city.

Linda Smith, Oxford City Councillor and cabinet member for housing, said the emergency gas works on Hollow Way were proving to be a “nightmare for residents who are getting caught up in intolerable congestion while accessing the area”.

Ms Smith has also called on the council to “act fast and open up Crescent Road to vehicles so drivers can use the road as an alternative access route to Hollow Way without fear of being fined”.

The Labour Party councillor for Lye Valley Ajaz Rehman told the Oxford Mail: "The work is impacting local businesses and is expected to last a week.

"As Oxford City Council's small business champion, I don't want emergency works impacting livelihoods at the same time as a cost of living crisis."

The low traffic neighbourhood bollard on Crescent Road was removed yesterday.

The county council has since clarified that they do not have the ultimate sign-off on diverting traffic through Crescent Road in this specific instance.

But the authority highlighted it has been working with Southern Gas Networks to “agree a potential temporary diversion route”.

A council spokesman said: “Oxfordshire County Council is currently liaising with Southern Gas Networks to agree a potential temporary diversion route which could be signposted through Crescent Road in Cowley whilst emergency gas works are ongoing on Hollow Way.


“During road closures such as emergency utilities works, arrangements can be made to take out specific LTN bollards to temporarily allow through traffic if there is no suitable alternative route.”

Ms Smith said the current journey times around the Hollow Way area were “horrific” and said urgent measures were needed to “relieve” the congestion caused by the emergency works which are set to continue until May 2.

Southern Gas Networks has been approached for comment.