Tickets for the Coronation Concert became available this week after a ballot but many royal fans were left disappointed when they missed out on tickets.

To be in with a chance of winning tickets, members of the public had to enter a ballot.

Ticketmaster, who sold the tickets, tweeted on April 25 that “Tickets for the supplementary first-come, first-serve round of The Coronation Concert ballot have now sold out.”

This caused some confusion amongst fans who thought the tickets were not being released on a first-come first-served basis.

They were also baffled to receive an email from Ticketmaster congratulating them on their success in the ticket ballot because when they clicked the link taking them to the website, all tickets had sold out.

A Ticketmaster spokesperson told Newsquest: “Everyone who was successful in the two main ballot rounds for the Coronation Concert was offered a guaranteed pair of tickets, provided they claimed them within three weeks.

“Today, any unclaimed tickets were released on a first-come, first-served basis to those who had previously applied to the ballot (and were unsuccessful). These inevitably went very quickly.”

Ticketmaster also explained that the email stated that tickets were on a “first come first served basis” and that fans needed to “act quickly in claiming tickets”.

Royal fans fume over ‘misleading’ coronation concert ticket ballot

Many of those hoping to get to the Coronation Concert next month took to Twitter to share their frustration as they missed out on getting tickets to the event.

One tweeted: “so did anyone actually get a ticket for the #CoronationConcert @TicketmasterUK @RoyalFamily ? or just the email saying ‘you have tickets’ but ‘no you don’t!’

Along with screenshots of the ‘congratulations’ email and Ticketmaster website when tickets were sold out, another said: “Only in a @TicketmasterUK ballot could you be successful but still NOT ACTUALLY GET THE TICKETS @BBCNews @RoyalFamily #CoronationConcert #CoronationConcerttickets #Ticketmastershambles”

Replying to the Ticketmaster tweet about the tickets being sold out along with screenshots of the relevant websites, a third tweeted: “What part of the word ‘ballot’ and ‘tickets are not being allocated on a first-come first-served basis’ didn’t you understand? It says this on your website, the Royals website and the BBC website @Coronation2023 @BBCNews #inept #CoronationConcert”

A fourth tweeted an angry face emoji along with a screenshot of a message telling them to claim their tickets, writing: “Totally misleading #CoronationConcert”