Oxford has been named among the top 10 least affordable places to live in the UK, according to a new study.

Experts from PlumbNation explored how much the average cost of housing and utilities has risen over the last decade.

They were able to uncover how much the gap between house prices and annual wages has increased in different parts of the country, to reveal the parts of the UK that are the least affordable for residents. 

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Oxford ranked 8th on the list with Camden and Westminster in London topping the table respectively.

The city was found to have an average house price of £470,620, much higher than the national average of £285,396, and an average salary of £33,309, making it difficult for locals to buy.

In Camden the average house price is £856,416 with average annual pay sitting at £48,707.

In Westminster average house prices are even higher at £976,041 but the average wage is 356,763.