Oxford Mail reader Bryony Newport reveals how the Botley Road closure at the rail bridge increased her taxi fare when she attended an emergency appointment at the GP surgery.

On April 12 - the day after the Botley Road closure started - I had to attend an emergency doctor's appointment in Beaumont Street. 

The normal cost of a taxi - approximately £10 - was £23.30 as we had to go via the A34 and Abingdon Road.

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During the Second World War would the powers that be have tolerated closure of Botley Road for two six-month periods? The Russians repaired the detonated bridge to Ukraine pretty fast! 

Oxford Mail:

Some years ago, when the bridge flooded, an emergency crossing over the rail track was allowed alongside by the hotel until the Becket Street car park was extended.

This would have been so useful for emergency vehicles.

Wonder if our ever resourceful Army were approached for comments?

Briony Newport

North Hinksey

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