A cheerleading team will be heading to the European championships after storming through a winter competition in the UK.

Bicester ECU cheerleaders will be heading to Germany in July to represent the UK at the European cheerleading Championships, following their performance at the winter championships in Manchester.

ECU entered 11 teams into 10 different categories, and six of their squads finished in first place in those categories.

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Two junior stunt groups will be going to Germany, one aged under 13, and one under six. With 10 cheerleaders going in total.

Kizzy Burt, a coach at Bicester ECU Cheerleaders said: “I could not be a prouder coach if I tried. Each of my athletes train so hard, they more than deserve every success that they gain.”

“All of my cheerleaders are so committed to their training schedule and to their team, it’s amazing to see them thrive not only in our sport but as people.

“Their dedication, kindness and team spirit shine throughout, with the help of such an incredibly supportive team of parents and families too. “Our Bicester cheerleaders go from strength to strength, doing Bicester proud each and every season.”

Sophie Varney, a parent of one of the cheerleaders, said: “Kizzy and her team at Bicester ECU are exceptional.

“Their love and dedication to the cheer squad is outstanding. They create new opportunities for our children to experience and thrive in.

“The girls ooze with confidence and support for one another. I'm very proud my daughter is part of the ECU family.”


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