Nearly 30 cars this year have driven away while parking tickets were being issued outside an Oxford religious centre, the county council has revealed.

Several cars were given tickets on Friday for parking illegally outside of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies on Marston Road during morning prayers.

A spokesman for Oxfordshire County Council said: “Our enforcement officers have made more than 150 visits to Marston Road so far this year and 14 penalty charge notices (PCN) have been issued.

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“A further 28 vehicles drove away while a PCN was in the process of being issued.

Oxford Mail:

“However, the majority of vehicles parked on double yellow lines in this location display Blue Badges, which entitles them to park legally for up to three hours.”

A householder in Marston has taken photos and complained about people parking along the double yellow lines outside of the centre.

It has been described as an ongoing issue.

Richard Makepeace, the registrar at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies said: “We make every effort to persuade those attending Friday prayers to park considerately and put out warning cones to deter inappropriate behaviour.

“But, we do not have any authority to enforce street parking regulations if our strong advice is ignored. Only the council or police can do that.”

When Thames Valley Police was approached for comment, a spokesman said they believe parking enforcement with regards to parking on double yellow lines in Oxford would fall to Oxfordshire County Council.

The University of Oxford has confirmed the building is nothing to do with them despite Google indicating it is a university site.