A much-loved village bakery has closed after more than 50 years of business.

La Patisserie on Fairfax Road, Kidlington, opened in 1966 and is one of the oldest continuous businesses in the village.

Both a retail and wholesale artisan bakery, La Patisserie produced its own bread, pastries and 90 per cent of its own confectionaries.

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One resident commented: “Very sad to see it go.

“I grew up knowing we could get our daily bread and other treats at La Patisserie.

Oxford Mail:

 “A big part of Kidlington gone.”

Another added: “Yes, very sad.

“A big thank you to all staff, past and present, for good service, delicious bread, and a good variety of cakes, pastries, and other treats.”

Oxford Mail:

The business had been on the market for over 18 months after 62-year-old owner Gary Johnson decided it was time to retire.

Mr Johnson began working at the bakery when he was 19 after leaving an apprentice chef position at St Anne’s College.

When he was 30 Mr Johnson along with a business partner purchased the lease off his boss before going on to buy the actual premises on his own when he was 39.

Mr Johnson, of Blenheim Road in the village, has fully owned La Patisserie for 23 years and described it as something which has “been in my life, all my life”.