The surviving members of an 1980s band which lost two of its musicians to cancer earlier this year are playing a gig in their memory.

Kidlington-based rockers Fast Livin' split up about 30 years ago, and surviving musicians Keith Matthews and Dave Bosher had not played together since they performed together as Fraud Squad more than a decade ago.

But when they heard that guitarist Brian Haines and drummer Barry Axtell had died of cancer within a few days of each other they decided to do something.

Mr Bosher, 52, of Kidlington, said: "We had known Brian in particular for years and toured together, and we became quite close, good friends.

"To hear suddenly he was going to die was quite a shock, and then Barry too. We found out we were the only two remaining members of Fast Livin, which was quite strange."

The gig, at The Cricketers Arms, Temple Road, Cowley, tonight, is to raise funds for Oxford's Sobell House hospice, where Mr Haines spent four and a half weeks prior to his death.

The band toured extensively in Oxfordshire, Germany and London in the 1980s and had an impressive pyrotechnical display - which once got them banned from Kidlington's Exeter Hall after flares scorched the floor.

Mr Bosher said: "We are not so energetic now so it is slightly more laidback."

Mr Matthews, who lives in Bicester and is 56, has further connections with the hospice at the Churchill Hospital, in Headington - his father was also cared for there.

He said: "All in all it is a pretty good cause."

Mr Haines, who worked for Royal Mail and continued to perform locally as Legend until six months before his death, lived in Pochard Place, Greater Leys, with his wife Jane.

It was at his funeral, following his death at home aged 52 on February 28, that the idea of the memorial gig was first raised.

Donations for the hospice in lieu of flowers raised nearly £600 - and Mrs Haines and the two musicians decided to see if they could raise more for the cause.

Mrs Haines said: "I am proud his friends would want to do that for him, he was such a nice guy."