Carol Vorderman has hit back at Jeremy Clarkson after he “has a go at a woman again.”

In The Sun newspaper, released yesterday (Saturday, March 25), Mr Clarkson wrote in his regular column that Ms Vorderman “seems to have re-invented herself as a sort of anti-Tory, anti-sleaze warrior.”

The star of Clarkson’s Farm - whose Diddly Squat Farm is located in Oxfordshire - went on to write: “But she does seem to have become awfully shouty.

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“Having not got her way in a debate about the menopause this week, she said she had been ‘absolutely disgusted’ by the attitude of two lady MPs.

“That’s a bit strong, because if you’re ‘absolutely disgusted’ by someone who disagrees with you about the menopause, then how do you describe your feelings towards a Russian soldier who’s just lobbed a hand grenade into a school?

“Surely, that would be ‘absolutely disgusting’, whereas someone who doesn’t share your view in a debate is ‘mildly irritating’.”

It comes after Mr Clarkson came under fire for his comments on Meghan Markle in a newspaper column. 

Sharing a picture of the article on Twitter, Ms Vorderman called out Mr Clarkson saying: “Well well. The known defender of women’s rights, Jeremy Clarkson, has a go at a woman again.

“Jeremy love, if I am disgusted at MPs fibbing and not turning up as they are meant to do, then I’ll be ‘disgusted’.

“Glad you used a nice photo of me though, or I might have been ‘mildly irritated.”

Abingdon councillor Nathan Ley was among those who criticised Mr Clarkson in response to the column - describing him as "playing to the gallery".

Mr Ley added: "Most of the time I just ride a bike - with a basket - slowly, to get to work, the shops, and school drop off

"This frees up more space on the road for your Chelsea tractor, and makes me less likely to take your space at a hospital. Get a grip, man."