A zone in Abingdon identified as having high pollution levels may have to be extended to other areas in the town.

The centre of the town - including Stratton Way, Stert Street and parts of High Street, Ock Street, the Vineyard and Bridge Street - was declared an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) by the Vale of White Horse District Council in 2006 due to levels of nitrogen dioxide - which affects asthma sufferers - being above national standards.

A recent report shows that levels are still too high in the centre and in other parts not originally included in the zone.

The council will now produce a plan to try to reduce the levels, caused by traffic.

Two years ago, the Abingdon Integrated Traffic Scheme (Ab-Its) was introduced to divert traffic away from the centre.

The report shows that this has helped to reduce the problem, but not by enough.

The council will begin consultations with air quality specialists, the Govern- ment, and other councils with similar problems.

Council deputy director for environmental health David Stevens said: "There are many possible measures that will need to be considered and we will be consulting widely.

"Some of those which have been effective elsewhere include reducing vehicle emissions in the town centre, improving public transport alternatives, making improvements to the efficiency of the highway network and encouraging alternative transport modes."

Richard Webber, member for environmental health, added: "In order to achieve improvements in air quality we will all need to play our part and give consideration to the impact we have on local air quality and what we can do to reduce it."

Information and advice on the AQMA will be available soon on the council's website.