Alison Partridge, Pegasus trustee talks about the lengths she goes to for Building The Future...

We did it!! Our fantastic team of 4 women tri-athletes + a relay team of 3 all made it round the Blenheim triathlon course on the 7th June - and all emerged exhausted but utterly elated!

It's a pretty gruelling experience - as I heard someone say as they watched 20 odd people plunge into the lake in an earlier heat - this is not for the faint-hearted'! The 750m swim isn't long, but it is cold and the open water swimming takes a bit of getting used to! The 20k cycling is a total privilege - riding fast round one of the most beautiful parks in Oxfordshire with no traffic (except other bikes whizzing past you!) and surrounded by magnificent trees, the palace and spectacular undulating grounds, was truly fantastic. As for the 5k run - the less said the better! But by then the end is in sight and everyone is cheering you on and you're thinking you've nearly made it - for your own achievement and for the pounds you'll raise for Pegasus - so you keep going and stagger across that finishing line - elated, exhausted and overwhelmed with delight!

It felt a huge privilege to be able to do something like this and to do it for a cause I really passionately believe in. Thankyou to everyone who supported us all so generously and send such lovely messages of goodwill to us all on the justgiving website and personally.