A town council has been asked to take on the duties of promoting fairtrade because the group previously responsible are stepping down.

Reading from a report at a Bicester Town Council meeting, the chairman of Bicester’s Fairtrade Committee, Colin Cockshaw, told the council that work to promote the town’s fair trade status is no longer feasible for the group.

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Mr Cockshaw explained to the council that his members were simply unable to keep up with the work required to go out and promote fairtrade at the town’s various events.

He told the council it would be a shame for Bicester to lose its status as a fairtrade town, and asked the councillors if they would take on the task of filling in the necessary paperwork and continue to promote fairtrade.

The council agreed to do so.

Councillor Lynn Pratt commented: “I know the fairtrade committee have been struggling to recruit new people, each of the churches have representatives but it’s just not enough.

“We’d like Bicester’s recognition as a fairtrade town to continue, and the necessary paperwork required to retain that status will be done.

“If the committee can’t do it, and the council don’t do it, then our status will simply fall away and we wouldn’t be classed as a fairtrade town anymore.

“I’m pleased the council said they would take it on.”


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