Four locations in Oxfordshire have been named among the most desirable in the UK.

The data, collected by Free Office Finder, looked at the most popular places in the UK according to TikTok.

To determine how popular a place is the data utilised TikTok views having searched for the name of the place only.

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It also used to discover the average property price for 2022 per location. 

Henley-on-Thames was ranked the 12th most desirable place in the UK with 4.4 million TikTok views.

With 1,400,000 TikTok views, Harpsden was listed 19th and is the most expensive location in the county with prices averaging nearly £2.2 million.

Great Tew in Oxfordshire nears the end of the list in 45th position with 148,000 TikTok views.

Having 77,900 TikTok views, Turville ranked 47th on the list.

Salcombe, Devon was named the most popular postcode in the UK for property lovers with a staggering 56,800,000 TikTok views.

Situated in Devon, it has an average property price of £833,552 which means it’s the 28th most expensive place to live according to this list. 

Following Salcombe was Cobham , Surrey with just over 39 million views and Mumbles, West Glamorgan with 38,200,000 million views.