Much of the good work done by Red Cross volunteers was never recorded - they just got on with the job.

But the Oxford Mail was always happy to send reporters and photographers to cover special events.

The large crowd of supporters in Picture 1 had gathered outside Oxford Town Hall in St Aldate’s for the Red Cross annual bazaar in November 1980.

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So many people turned up for what the Mail described as a “pre-Christmas buying bonanza” that the queue stretched around the corner into High Street.

Among the many visitors to the event was the Lord Mayor, Gordon Woodward. He, however, didn’t have to queue - he just walked from his Parlour inside the Town Hall!

The team in Picture 2, taken in 1969, had just won a Red Cross first aid competition - and showed their skills by bandaging their instructor, Lillian Seymour, for the benefit of our photographer.

The girls were, left to right, Nicola Walters, eight, Allison Walters, 10, Nicolette Brown, nine, Julie Neate, 11, and Katherine Edmunds, nine.

They weren’t the only Red Cross youngsters to be successful at first aid - the team from Wantage in Picture 3 won a competition in Oxford.

It involved dealing with mock injuries, including broken bones and burns, and being tested on home and road safety.

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The four were, left to right, Jason Osborne, Peter Male, Jenny Telling and Mark Walker.

Members of Kidlington Red Cross, in Picture 4, took delivery of a new £10,000 ambulance, thanks to donations, a sponsored motorcycle ride and proceeds from a trade exhibition.

Kidlington Round Table chairman Richard Kelly is seen presenting a cheque for £2,000 to Kidlington Red Cross chairman Mary Candey.

The ambulance was to be used principally by the village’s Red Cross Disabled Club.

In Picture 5, we see Princess Alexandra chatting to Red Cross cadets during a garden party for the disabled at Blenheim Palace in 1981.

Nearly 400 disabled people from all over Oxfordshire were entertained to tea in a large marquee in the palace grounds.

Picture 6 shows Red Cross cadets from Bampton waiting at a New Year party they gave for elderly villagers in 1966.

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