Following the success of the hit show Clarkson’s Farm there have been queues outside the Diddly Squat Farm shop so fans can see exactly what’s on offer.

The farm shop near Chipping Norton reopened earlier this year as the Amazon show released its second season.

Many fans have since visited the farm shop from far and wide and left their thoughts on the review site TripAdvisor.

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At the time of writing Diddly Squat Farm has 221 reviews on Tripadvisor with an average 3.5 rating out of 5.

Out of the 221, 67 rated the farm ‘very good’, 54 as ‘average’, 43 as ‘poor’ and 35 as terrible ‘35’.

The split opinion of the farm shop is clear to see with some leaving rave reviews whilst others didn’t hold back.

One reviewer, Debs, revealed she visited the farm unknowingly it was run by the TV star Jeremey Clarkson.

She wrote: “Totally unaware of the connection to Clarkson we were bewildered as to why there were so many cars in the poorly surfaced parking area.

“The shop was tiny with only a couple of pieces of chicken left, I guess they had sold out of everything else, so if you visit I would suggest early in the day?

“Sadly, not a place I would recommend and certainly wouldn't call it a tourist attraction to go out of your way for.”

Paula added: “Jeremy Clarkson is using his name and fame to to flog products that are vastly overpriced.

“Sticking a grinning photo of himself on his products and rebranding them as bee juice is just ripping people off.”

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However, some disagreed with the expensive tag and praised the farm shop for selling local produce.

Grace said: “I disagree with the ‘expensive’ term and think sometimes people expect fresh produce for supermarket prices, it’s also for the experience of going, people wouldn’t think twice about paying an entry fee into an attraction and a bit of fun which it is yet here you have the choice if you want to buy anything or not.”

Chloe added: “Love the idea of this farm and that everything is local produce.”

Whilst Mark wrote: “Great little place and very popular, the barn to the rear offered great seating to overlook the Cotswold fields, all in all very pleasant, had to have the obligatory photo with the sign so form an orderly queue! Good old Clarkson, top job.”

Many also praised the food that is on offer at the farm.

Roy wrote: “We sat down for lunch, had burger and chips and my wife had sausage bap and chips.

“I have never ever tasted a burger like it, it was outstanding! Very tasty, and the chips were superb.”

The Tipsy Traveller account said: "The best bit for us was the bar in the barn at the back of the shop.

"A couple of pints of cider helped wash down a lovely burger in a bun before we set off on our travels again."