A rehoming centre is accepting donations of pet food to help owners who are struggling to feed their animals during the cost of living crisis.

National pet charity Blue Cross is accepting donations of dog, cat and kitten food at its centre on Shilton Road in Burford.

This will then be sent to Oxford Mutual Aid who are distributing the food as part of foodbank parcels to people with pets.

Hannah Wiltshire, Centre Manager at Blue Cross in Burford, said: “Here at Blue Cross we’ve heard stories of owners going without food themselves to cover the cost of feeding or caring for their pets and are aware that for some people their pets are their only companions and link to the outside world.

“No pet should have to go hungry, and no one should have to choose between feeding themselves or feeding their pets. 

"Pets are part of the family and that’s why we’ve teamed up with Oxford Mutual Aid to help people to keep their family together.

"Your donations will help families who have nowhere else to turn.”

Meanwhile the charity’s shop in High Street in Witney is also continuing to take donations of pet food from members of the public and working with local foodbanks to distribute this to pet owners in need.

Donations of pet food can also be dropped off at the charity’s shop in Bicester.

Jade Spencer, Director of Operations, at Oxford Mutual Aid, said: "From talking to the people who receive our parcels we know how important pets are for wellbeing and connectedness, especially in difficult times. 

“Oxford Mutual Aid operate six days a week, with our phone lines open from 10am - 4pm every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday for anyone in Oxford who needs emergency food support for themselves and their pets."

Oxford Mutual Aid is on 07310 160 595 or at https://oxfordmutualaid.org/”

For more information or to make a cash donation online visit bluecross.org.uk/PetFoodBank



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