Jeremy Clarkson has revealed Brexit has left farmers feeling short-changed in his latest show filmed in Oxfordshire.

In his new series of Clarkson’s Farm, the financial impact of Brexit on farming is laid bare.

Footage is shown of former prime minister Boris Johnson and Michael Gove making bold promises which guaranteed farmers any subsidies they received from the EU would be replaced.

However, Clarkson’s show demonstrates the reality facing farmers is very different.

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Land agent and advisor Charlie Ireland told Mr Clarkson he was no longer going to benefit from any direct farming subsidies.

Mr Ireland said: “We know that you are going to lose £82,000 a year in subsidy.

“Over the next few years, you will get £0 per hectare.

“All those direct subsidies are going to go.”

Mr Clarkson then highlights farmers have no idea what subsidies are going to be available from the government.

Oxford Mail:

He said: “There may well be grants and subsidies but we don’t know what they are going to be yet.

“We know they have said public money for public good.

“But it doesn’t mean anything, that is just a slogan.”

Mr Ireland then confirms to Mr Clarkson that currently there is “no substance at the moment to those words”.

Mr Clarkson revealed that farmers across Oxfordshire were exasperated with the current support they were receiving.

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He explained: “Every farmer I’ve talked to has said what are we supposed to do?

“What do you want us to grow? What do you not want us to grow?”

“Listen we let the government potter, have committee meetings, select committee meetings and all that nonsense.”

Writing in the Times this weekend, Mr Clarkson complained that he now received “about half of what I got when we were in the EU”.

Mr Clarkson has also been critical of the UK-Australian trade deal, as it allows Australian farmers to flood the UK market with cheap lamb and beef.

Speaking about this deal in the first episode, he said: “Boris has done the deal with Australia- no good can come of that as far as I can see.

“Cheap, rubbish beef coming in so if we get grass fed beef and I open a restaurant I don’t have to worry about competing with the Australians.”

Mr Clarkson had one main message for the government in the episode and this was the following: “F*** em. F*** the lot of them”.

In the past, Clarkson has been extremely critical of Brexit and labelled the negotiations to leave the EU a “complete clusterf**k” in 2019.