These are the first pictures of murder accused Eugen Coman.

The image – a still taken from a video shot by 34-year-old Coman’s brother the day before Leonid Laboshin was stabbed to death – shows the alleged murderer mid-haircut.

Prosecutors say he was having his head shaved to resemble fictional assassin Agent 47, the hero of the ‘Hitman’ video game series.


Another picture shown to jurors last week showed Coman wearing a sharp black suit – again, resembling smartly-dressed Agent 47 – and entering Tesco around an hour before Mr Laboshin was fatally stabbed in the kitchen of their shared house in Pinnocks Way, Botley, on Sunday, October 17.

Thames Valley Police has also released the drawing made by Mr Laboshin and Coman’s housemate, Maryia Fando, of a knife she had previously seen in the house.

Oxford Mail:

She made it clear to the jury last week that, although she was in the kitchen when the attack on her housemate began, she had not seen the murder weapon.

Jurors at Oxford Crown Court have also seen a series of images relating to Coman’s assault on a rent collector in Bedford, where he was living at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and working for Fedex.

Oxford Mail: The 'golden' BB gun found in Coman's car Picture: Bedfordshire Police/Thames Valley PoliceThe 'golden' BB gun found in Coman's car Picture: Bedfordshire Police/Thames Valley Police (Image: Bedfordshire Police/Thames Valley Police)

Coman was said to have ‘pistol-whipped’ Roman Rabinskis, who was at the property in Halsey Road on April 10, 2020, to collect unpaid rent, and also beat him with the handle of a knife.

When police later stopped his BMW, they found a ‘golden’ BB gun in the glove box. There was a Batman sticker on the back of the car, as well as a sticker bearing the legend ‘why so serious?’ – a line from character The Joker in 2008 film The Dark Knight.

Oxford Mail:

The defendant has pleaded guilty to wounding and possession of knives in relation to the Bedford case.

He has also admitted Mr Laboshin’s manslaughter – on the grounds of diminished responsibility – but denies murder.

On Friday (March 3), the jury heard that in the opinion of at least one doctor, Coman was suffering from schizophrenia.

The trial continues.