An outgoing councillor has said West Oxfordshire District Council’s (WODC) rejection of Jeremy Clarkson’s planning applications were motivated by “jealousy”.

The former councillor, Ben Woodruff, resigned from WODC on March 1 after he blamed the council for their failure to prevent Ainscough Strategic Land winning their appeal to build 120 homes on Moors Field meadow in Ducklington.

Mr Woodruff said the council’s cabinet was “too busy virtue signalling” and as a consequence had allowed the five-year land supply to slip.

On top of accusing the council of “unbelievable wokery”, Mr Woodruff said the council had a personal "vendetta" against Mr Clarkson’s Diddly Squat farm.

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He said: “With Clarkson’s Farm, they decided he couldn’t have his car park because they just don’t want him to have it.

“It is pathetic.

“It is jealousy and they have a vendetta against Clarkson in my opinion.”

Mr Woodruff said WODC should be supporting Mr Clarkson instead of rejecting his applications to expand the farm car park and to open a new restaurant.

Mr Clarkson opened a restaurant at the farm in July 2022 despite his planning application having been rejected.

Mr Woodruff said the council’s handling of Mr Clarkson’s planning applications had not made them look good.

He explained: “I don’t think the council have come out looking very good at all over this.

“I think Clarkson has a high chance of being successful with his appeals”.

WODC issued an enforcement notice on 12 August 2022 which ordered his restaurant to be closed.

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The planning permission for the car park extension was refused by the council in May 2022.

Mr Clarkson is appealing their decisions and the planning inspector will conduct the hearing from March 14 at 10am at WODC’s Woodgreen offices.

A WODC spokesman said: “Mr Woodruff was not on the planning committee and was not involved in any of the planning decisions for Diddly Squat Farm in any way.

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“We do not have a ‘vendetta’ against Mr Clarkson and we have worked with him and his planning agents over the past two years to try and reach a positive outcome where the business can operate within the planning laws and policies.

“Over recent years, Diddly Squat Farm and Mr Clarkson personally have had many planning applications approved where they were in line with national and local planning policy and we treat each individual planning application fairly and legally regardless of who submits it.”