Labour candidates won in both by-elections as the backlash against Low Traffic Neighbourhoods fell short.

Labour candidate Trish Elphinstone was announced as the winner of Oxfordshire County Council’s Rose Hill and Littlemore by election last night, March 2.

The result was extremely tight with Ms Elphinstone receiving 1169 votes, 44 per cent, and second placed independent candidate Michael Anthony Evans receiving 1046 votes, 39 per cent.

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Mr Evans ran a campaign which strongly criticised the LTNs. He described the LTNs as a “blunt instrument that divide communities”.

Reacting to the by election result, opposition leader Eddie Reeves said: “The results show how divisive LTNs and bus filters are in Oxford”.

The other candidates in the county council by election received the following results: Conservative Party candidate Timothy Douglas Patmore: 227 votes.

Green Party candidate David Nicholas Thomas: 120 votes.

Liberal Democrat candidate Theo Jupp: 75 votes.

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate Callum Joseph Joyce: 23 votes.

The turnout for the by election was 34 per cent.

In the Oxford City Council Littlemore by election, the Labour candidate Sandy Douglas won by 100 with a total of 607 votes and second placed Mr Evans racked in a total of 507 votes.

The pattern for both by elections was the anti-LTN votes went to the independent candidate Mr Evans as opposed to the Conservative candidate.

The other candidates received the following results: Conservative Mr Patmore: 135 votes.

Green Party candidate Mr Thomas: 65 votes.

Liberal Democrat Mr Jupp: 26 votes.

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate Rachael Louise Cox: 12 votes.

Turnout in the Littlemore Ward by election was 34 per cent.