The administration at County Hall is poised to bowl a googly to all those who think it is dominated by a fraternity that thinks only of the car. It is set to turn radical on us and introduce a blanket 20mph speed limit across Oxford.

Some motorists might grumble that there is no chance of reaching 20mph within the city let alone 30. However, if, as is possible, the measure is extended to all arterial routes into the city and is effective 24 hours a day, motorists will have to adopt the biggest change in their habits since their feet first touched the pedals.

The measure will be welcomed widely by those living on Oxford's residential streets, particularly the busiest ones and those most prone to motorists driving at excessive speed. It may be less welcomed by those driving in from outside.

The 20mph limit is, of course, already in place in Cowley Road. Many other towns and cities across the UK are introducing the new lower limits, albeit in a piecemeal fashion.

The advantage of the big-bang approach apparently favoured by Oxfordshire is that no one can be in any doubt about what the limit is wherever they are within the city limits.

While the limit is to be welcomed, the major question mark will be over its enforcement. Will the police be willing to enforce it? And can they physically enforce it?

It was reported earlier this year that a new generation of "time over distance" cameras was being developed to enforce 20mph zones on residential streets. You have been warned.