Sir - Trying to cross the busy A4074 road to the Berinsfield bus stop is a hazardous business. Despite years of asking, no road crossing has been put in.

Further down this road near Crowmarsh, an island road crossing has been built to allow a few office workers to cross in safety.

Dorchester (population 1,000) has a bridge over the road, allowing safe access to the express buses.

I see parents with children and senior citizens from Berinsfield (population 3,000) having to take their chance with the fast traffic in order to catch a direct bus to Oxford.

There is still no speed limit here either, although fatal accidents have occurred here in the past; the screen of trees means that this is 'countryside' to the planners.

We already have signs of climate change here in Oxfordshire with last year's floods - and more the other day. Now is the time for us all to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Our buses should be more fully used, for the sake of the environment. So, which of our candidates in the forthcoming Henley by-election use local buses or even cycle? How often do we see councillor John Howell on a bike? Whether he continues in his current capacity, or as our MP, we still need a safe road crossing for Berinsfield, please.

D. Eldridge, Berinsfield