Sir - Walking through the Westgate Centre recently, I found it a bit depressing with a number of businesses having closed down.

The reason for these closures is, I imagine, the uncertainty about the future of this area.

I would like to say that some months ago when I saw an impression of the future development I was not impressed by the proposed outside of the new shopping centre - all glass!

By all means make the inside as modern as possible but please will the 'powers-that-be' make sure that the outside is in-keeping with the old buildings of our lovely city and not make a glass monstrosity.

Apart from sticking out like a sore thumb, has anyone considered the on-going cost of keeping all that glass cleaned!

Being practically next door to the old prison (which in my opinion has been very sensitively done) here is an opportunity for the new Westgate shopping centre to be made an attractive area for everyone - both local citizens and visitors.

Grace Seccombe (Mrs), Kennington