Sir - What's wrong with Nick Utechin? He did a desservice to A Doll's House and now he's given a desultory three out of six to The English Game (Weekend, June 6) - which he apparently enjoyed?

He patronisingly refers to "the easy stereotypes" and the "set-piece performances" but manages to say that there is not a weak player in the ensemble and he seems to have found the play enjoyable.

He then goes on in school report style to offer a "clever effort" and "hardworking cast".

Nick is entitled to his opinion of course, but I take issue with the fact that the general bias of his review would have deterred anyone from giving up a sunny evening in favour of a darkened auditorium. And they missed a treat.

This was a lively and engaging play, well acted by a talented cast and the audience was treated to a compelling and accessible examination of what it means to be English - a sportsman, married, successful, tolerant, politically correct - a friend and to have lived a life worthy of reflection.

All this AND make us a laugh? No mean feat! Come on Nick, your review would not have encouraged anyone to see this play and yet amongst your criticism you seem to have enjoyed it.

Why not let that message come out loud and clear - or is it just not the done thing?

Jane Hodgson, Burford