Sir - I read with interest the various reports concerning flooding in the Vale. Since July 20, last year, we have experienced localised flooding on what now seems a regular basis.

Indeed, instead of being an event in 100 years, flooding appears to be an event every 100 days.

In East Hanney, there has been localised flooding three times since Easter. Last Tuesday, homes and a restuarant were flooded again, one occupant had only been back in his house for a week, after the clear-up from last July. We are all now aware of the problem of localised flooding after, what many believe, is not unusally high rainfall compared to previous years.

I, and many others cannot recall so much flooding in the past, even after heavy rain. It is clear that something has changed, and it is this change that needs identifying and dealing with to ensure we deal with heavy rainfall without being flooded out.

In East Hanney, the residents of the village have formed a flood group to find practical measures to alleviate flooding, and protect the village.

This group have worked solidly for many months, and have installed a data logging device on the Letcombe Brook, linked to a local weather station. They have collected data, inspected and identified owners of many of the ditches and watercourses.

The county council are working with them, as are the Environment Agency.

I call on the new leader of the Vale District Council , Tony De Vere, to talk the matter over with his experienced emergency planning officer - Mr Gathorne Gough - before he makes any more statements over the responsibility of the drainage system. The problems are complex.

Iain Brown, Hanneys and Hendreds Division, Oxfordshire County Council