Sir - County council leader Keith R Mitchell tells readers that four critical letters in a single issue has left him with a "warm glow".

Whilst he is basking, the rest of us wince as his party's new parking tax demands drop on the doormat.

Families reeling from the recent hike in the cost of living now face the Tories' extra punitive charge for the so-called privilege of parking outside their own homes. It will be felt most keenly by the poor, and, of course, the elderly who rely on their cars for mobility and lifeline links with carers and visiting relatives.

Even though the policy produces another tier of expensive bureaucracy and officious, restrictive interference, it might have been acceptable if citizens had voted for it. They didn't.

The Tory-led county council seized control of the issue and refused to listen to tax-payers' wishes in their cosmetic consultation exercise.

I don't support any political party - I'm sick of the lot of them - but the Conservatives should note that their two city councillors who defected from another party mid-term were kicked out as soon as the electorate were given the chance to vote, and in stark contrast to the poll shift in the rest of the country.

As a result, the Tories don't have a single seat in the city, which is surely worthy of quiet reflection rather than self-satisfied crowing. Dictating terms where you have consistently failed to win a mandate is also undemocratic and shameful.

However, the decent, fair-minded readership of a quality newspaper such as this won't accept injustice or a bullying authority without a fight and I'm certain they are working to remedy that misplaced glow. Bring it on.

Dave Gilbert, Headington