Anyone who thought the county council commissioned report into the traffic changes in Abingdon would wave a magic wand and make the jams go away will have been disappointed by a reading of it.

The report concludes that the strategy has been reasonably successful in its central aim of improving conditions in the centre of town but it has been at the expense of delays in some areas on the outskirts.

The same amount of traffic as ever is trying to get in and around Abingdon and, short of doing something radical - and expensive - the county council is unable to change that.

The suggestions contained in the report are tweaks to try to improve the flow at pinchpoints. They will not have any impact on the fundamental problem - the amount of traffic trying to get into and out of Abingdon.

Traffic in town can only be reduced by new and fundamental additions to the town's transport network - namely a full interchange with the A34 at Lodge Hill and a second crossing of the Thames.

The interchange is not supported by the Highways Agency and the river crossing remains at best a dream. In these circumstances, everyone in Abingdon must work together to make the sure the town makes the best of what it has.