LEWIS star Laurence Fox urged protesters at an Oxford rally to fight for their ‘fundamental human right to be left alone’.

Mr Fox, who starred as DS James Hathaway in ITV’s Morse spin-off Lewis, was among the speakers to address the crowd in Broad Street on Saturday.

The 44-year-old actor turned controversial talk TV host and right-wing politician told the assembled group of anti-LTN campaigners, ‘climate lockdown’ conspiracy theorists and others: “Every single day that we don’t fight for our fundamental human right to be left alone to pursue our business is a betrayal of our children’s future and a betrayal of freedom.”

In an interview with the BBC’s climate editor Justin Rowlatt, which was filmed by Mr Fox’s supporters and uploaded online, he claimed that post-pandemic the ‘powers that be – the government – have got this desire to control our movement, our speech, everything. And I think it’s really dangerous.'

He added: “There’s a grandmother who’s picked her kids up from school and she’s got to go 12 miles round the ringroad to pick up a grandchild. It’s more pollution, it’s not less.”

Neo-druid King Arthur Pendragon, who as an eco-campaigner was arrested 26 times during the Newbury bypass protest in the 1990s and was represented in court by barrister and future Labour Party leader Keir Starmer, also joined the Oxford march – wearing his druidic robes.

Taking aim at what Oxford County Council says is a misleading conspiracy theory that people will be unable to leave their home ‘zones’, King Arthur said: “To many people in the 21st century, freedom is a set of keys and basically any assault on the vehicle is an assault on the person.

“If they say you cannot go out of Oxford, how are you going to turn up to places like Stonehenge for the Solstice.”

Notable conspiracy theorist Piers Corbyn – brother of Labour MP Jeremy – told the Oxford Mail that he was in the city to protest ‘the 20 minute cities’, adding five minutes onto the town planning concept that people should be able to access services within 15 minutes’ walk of home.

“They’re all about controlling you, charging you money and promoting the climate con. There’s no such thing as man-made climate change and that’s been used as an excuse to justify all sorts of tyrannical moves and we oppose them all,” he added.