Five people were arrested at today’s traffic filter protests, Thames Valley Police said.

At least four of the five are understood to have been arrested on suspicion of public order offences.

Police estimated that ‘approximately 2,000 people’ attended the main protest and march on Saturday, which began in Broad Street before walking to Manzil Way down Cowley Road and then back into town.

Ch Supt Colin Paine, the officer in charge of policing the main protest and counter demonstration, said in a statement: “The demonstrations proceeded peacefully and I would like to thank the people of Oxford, and those who visited our city, for largely abiding by the law and exercising their right to protest peacefully.”

Officers had made five arrests, he said. But he added: “I am pleased to say that the demonstrations concluded with no significant incidents or major disruption.

“It is a testament to the Oxford and wider community of the Thames Valley that these demonstrations were peaceful, and we would also thank the public for their co-operation, patience and support throughout the day.”

Oxford Mail: Police arrest a man in Turl Street Picture: Oxford MailPolice arrest a man in Turl Street Picture: Oxford Mail (Image: Oxford Mail)

The Oxford Mail saw protesters come into contact sporadically from around 12.30pm until the end of the march. On almost all occasions, it was insults being thrown rather than fists.

An early flash-point came when several dozen people walked from the counter-demonstration in Bonn Square to a stall put up by the right wing Heritage Party. The party is led by former UKIP London Assembly member David Kurten.

A number of anti-LTN protesters had gathered outside the stall near the foot of Carfax Tower and the two groups traded hot words, separated by a line of police officers.

Oxford Mail: Protesters meet outside Carfax TowerProtesters meet outside Carfax Tower (Image: Oxford Mail)

Later, while demonstrators listened to speeches in Broad Street, a group of mask-wearing ‘anti-fascists’ attempted to run towards the larger protest event. They were prevented from doing so by a heavy police presence on Ship Street and at the end of Cornmarket.

Oxford Mail: Mask wearing 'anti-fascists' on CornmarketMask wearing 'anti-fascists' on Cornmarket (Image: Ed Nix)

Within minutes, this reporter could see a man on the ground in Turl Street – guarded by two police officers who had dismounted their mountain bikes. The man, who was sat on the pavement outside Jesus College, was heard accusing the police officers of being racist.

Thames Valley Police would not say how many officers were involved in the policing operation. However, a force spokesman confirmed that no officers had been drafted in from neighbouring forces under ‘mutual aid’ rules – meaning all the constables on the city’s streets on Saturday were from the Thames Valley.